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    The upcoming freshman solo release “Symphonic Signatures” the debut album from the artist Barz Noble was produced, recorded, and mixed by Zoltan Johnson. The artist Barz Noble emphasizes that both the focus and intent behind the record is to be as a contributing agent of sorts in bridging the gap of spiritually sound lyricism with a myriad but mature palette of audio hip- hop compositions with elements ranging from reggae, rock, classical, r&b, bass, and a world sound in the final versions of the individual tracks submitted respectively to make a quality project. The purpose throughout the recording process of this album was to not overbear but to compliment the artistic approach in executing a clear message of faith and wisdom in tackling a number of issues that are covered on each track for a mature record where both young and old can get something beneficial while bobbing their heads to is the hope of the artist Barz Noble that the album would accomplish.

    The “Symphonic Signatures” project also features collaborations with artist and musical friends alike that include “Warfare Global” featuring U-Turn and Postaboy “What Will It Be” featuring Rudell and “Release Yourself” featuring Peter Runks and the Late Kirk Hall aka Nash Cashes R.I.P the last of a number of tracks Barz Noble got to record with Nash before his passing. “LIFE MUSIC” is the two words that Barz Noble sums up concerning the collection of songs created for this album leaving room to continue a creative progression in the follow-up that other producers will also add so let the journey begin. STAY TUNED



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